A few words about Jeanne Damas, the French influencer

Alice de la Brunière

Jeanne Damas, the beautiful influencer and fashion designer who has more than 730 000 followers on Instagram and looks a little like Jane Birkin has become indispensable in the world of fashion. She’s working hard to redefine the image of la Parisienne.

What we really like about Jeanne, is her nonchalance. She makes it look like she’s not even trying to be so pretty, a white shirt tucked into a high-waisted pair of jeans, riding her yellow bike, wearing a blue overall. Jeanne has taste and she inspires us with her way of life. She only moves around on her bicycle, she like to get up early in the morning… But most importantly, she seems so free!
On her Instagram, you get to look at her pictures and be inspired by her apartment, admire her outfits, envy her trips and get overloaded with her cat Charlie’s cuteness.

Jeanne is described by her loved ones as a young, bold and enterprising woman and we don’t doubt it: only 25 years old and already a nice career. When she was a model, she posed for big brands like Gucci, she already acted in Guillaume Canet’s movie Rock’n roll and launched her own brand Rouje in 2016 which is killing it in the USA as well as in France. Jeanne also co-wrote a book about lifestyle in Paris which is called A Paris. A very full and successful life in the image of the strong modern woman she represents so well.

Jeanne Damas is the image of la Parisienne of 2018, confident, audacious, free and charming. She has something more, she refuses the clichés and breaks society’s rules.

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