4 façons de rendre les chefs de produit plus efficaces

Aujourd’hui plus que jamais les chefs de produits se concentrent sur l’efficacité du run des nouveaux produits, l’amélioration de produits existants, et la performance de la justesse d’offre. Il est nécessaire pour eux de continuer de maîtriser les tendances du marché et les besoins des consommateurs afin d’ajuster au mieux les produits. Les restrictions suite […]

Insight collect and remote co-creation : now or never !

Due to the slow comeback of commercial activity post-covid19, companies today focus on short term commercial performance and success. Preparing the next collections, reinforce product innovation to deepen differentiation and attract new clients remains an absolute priority. Not being able to travel, to go on buying trips, to conduct client focus groups and face-to-face meeting […]

Co-creation, digital focus groups and remote product development: engage your consumers in the innovation process

While consumer centric strategies are being challenged during these unusual times, Mushin offers to place the final consumer at the heart of companies’ creative processes. An answer to develop products remotely, visually and digitally, by uniting product stakeholders. A digital platform for visual co-creation, a digitalized focus group. Developing products and innovating remotely, it’s possible!From […]

Remontée d’insights et co-création à distance : maintenant ou jamais !

La reprise de l’activité post-covid amène les entreprises à se concentrer sur la performance commerciale à court terme et sur le run. Préparer les prochaines collections, renforcer l’innovation produit pour amener de la différenciation et donc attirer les clients reste une nécessité absolue, une priorité. L’impossibilité de déplacements, de buying trips, de tables rondes clients […]

Co-création à distance, table ronde digitale et écoute conso : engager vos clients au service de l’innovation

Alors que les stratégies consumer centric des entreprises sont mises au défi en ces temps incertains, Mushin propose de placer le consommateur au cœur du processus créatif des entreprises. Une réponse pour développer des produits à distance, de manière digitale et visuelle, en réunissant tous les acteurs du produit. Une plateforme digitale de co-création visuelle, […]

Remote work and post-covid 19: Digital solution for developing products remotely

While half of the planet is thinking about coming out of the stay at home order to go back to work, many wonder how to develop products remotely, to answer the issue of cancelled business trips, or to organize focus groups with consumers? Mushin adapted its digital platform for co-creation: mobile and web, customizable in […]

Digitize purchasing with a collaborative platform

Launching products meeting market requirements without spending more money? This isn’t a tricked equation but the future of purchasing thanks to digital innovations. Why purchasing needs to be digitized? The answer relies on one sentence: your products become more fashionable and the validation time between briefings and initial samples (IS) is drastically reduced. Your budget has been cut? No worries, you can still try our smart solution. […]

The Creative Process Recipe: 5 Key Ingredients

Today, the need for creating innovative product is stronger than ever. Doing business across several countries, hiring people half a world away, these kinds of practices aren’t problems anymore. The success of an organization is rather how much they can differenciate themselves from the competition. From trends analysis to product launch on the market, the […]

Creativity & Empowerment: The holy Graal !

[mk_title_box color= »#007AC9″ highlight_color=00000″# » highlight_opacity= »0.3″ size= »18″ line_height= »34″ font_weight= »inherit » margin_top= »0″ margin_bottom= »18″ font_family= »none » align= »center »] « Creativity is just connecting things » [/mk_title_box] Ben Chestnut is MailChimp‘s co-founder and CEO. He explains how he empowers creativity in his company at The Summit, in 2012. The main challenge is to find how to inspire people to make great things. His answer may surprise you ! [mk_blockquote font_family= »none » […]