3 tips to drive collections consistency

Dolce & Gabanna made a selection of sparkling and lightening colours for the Rainbow Summer Collection. Why? Because it is exactly what clients want during this period.

Although building consistent products seems obvious according to customers’ expectations, make it real and concrete isn’t so easy.

In every business sector, product managers, head of collections and stylists build brand collections together. A major part of their mission consists in ensuring the collection wealth and consistency. In fact, it is a key driver to guarantee sales success.

When we think of launching the right good to the right person, we assume that product teams make assumptions about what the client will be expecting at this moment.

Here are 3 tips to ensure collections consistency despite unavoidable risks taking:

1)    Respect the firm’s brand DNA

Following a sales drop in 1999, Tommy Hilfiger brand manager decided to reduce logo’s size on clothes. The aim was to dedicate more valueRespect the firm's values, design principles, DNA to build a strong brand identity on material’s quality so that TH competed with luxurious brands. Clients, who were loyal to the brand identity, didn’t match with this
change. As soon as the logo was enlarged, the American brand finally got back its reputation.

This example shows how important values are assigned to brand image. They build customers brand loyalty.

Using a collaborative tool to visualize design principles whenever teams want, is a smart way to innovate and respect the brand DNA.

How can we buy Abercrombie & Fitch suit without Moose?

2)    Stay ahead of trends, gather information and take decisions rapidely

To ensure collections consistency, firms should align the offer with market needs at the time it will be launched. Gathering information Think ahead of trends and boost your decision making processin real time helps team to be more responsive and build future collections faster.

When Sony Ericsson launched its new Xperia products line, success was not in the cards. iPhone and Galaxie S commercialization surpassed them. All is about timing.

Collaborative workspace is the perfect solution to gather and share informations in real time. Teams gain speed and decisions can be taken remotely: bye bye endless meetings!

3)    Be different

These are well known catching words for many businesses such as Desigual «no es lo mismo». The Spanish brand seems to draw itsdiversify insight sources creative approach from unsung places. From patchwork tee-shirt to pink flashy skirt, Desigual products are definitely different.

Diversify insight sources is a great way to mimic these practices. Gathering as much information as we want, get inspired from various environment, here are possibilities we can have using a digital collaborative playground. Product managers can now develop abundant and consistent offer.