Fashion, decoration and sports trends for 2018

Alice de la Brunière

In 2018, take care of your body, believe in you, treat yourself. You want a perfect wardrobe? Need to upgrade your decoration? Wondering what’s up in the sports world? Discover the biggest trends of 2018 and take a trip with us in beautiful hygge atmospheres, in the craziest printed fabrics and in the increasingly connected but retro sports world.



In 2018, do not stop shinning and sparkling, dare wearing flashy colors and outlandish printed fabrics.

2018 is without a doubt the year in which you must shine the most. Sequins, glitters, vinyl, shiny leather… Not to mention sparkling veils that allow the sight of the most feminine curves.   Anything goes to set you apart. This year, we refuse uniformity, we preach boldness, like Chiara Ferragni and her red thigh high boots for example (1). Your evening outfits also have to be in a “disco-flashy” mood, but never forget glamour and elegance. Just like Winnie Harlow’s green dress for the Dior Masquerade Ball (2), or Kiki Willems’ for Chanel (3).

It is official, fashion was better before. So, we reinvent, we draw inspiration from past trends and we upgrade them… The 80’s are once again a very important highlight this year. Indeed, you’ll see shoulder pads as is wearing the amazing Wanda Wise (4) or the total denim look from Givenchy’s fashion show, which is a must-have if you ask us (5). In 2018, like in the 80’s, you will get an eyeful of colors! We’ll match pink with red, blue with green… And it’s also a good time for you to get your old Converses out of the closet and give them a second life!

Crazy prints are another trend for 2018. We dare the total flower look which was considered a no-go look for a long time, stripes make a huge comeback, but vertical big ones are more stylish and of course, in total look. The craziest, the most elegant and the most retro of all prints from 2018 is the printed scarf. Just like they’re trying to borrow bourgeois elegance and adapt it for the street style, fashion designers use it in their collections… So chic. (6)


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This year, decoration will neither escape the Hygge trend nor the natural one. We invite softness, warmness, wood, green and plants into our homes and create a nice welcoming and trendy nest.

If you haven’t heard of this way of life, which became essential in 2018, it is the Danish happiness. Hygge, pronounced [hu-ga], represents every little moment of happiness felt in your everyday life; those tiny sensations that you cannot buy. (7) You try to treat yourself, which inspires brands to ride this social trend and offer you all kinds of small pieces of furniture and decorative items that you want to take home.

To be trendy, drink hot beverages and enjoy the happiness of your everyday life when snuggling under the covers or with your loved ones. At home, create a warm and cozy atmosphere by lighting candles and wrapping yourself in covers and surrounding yourself with soft fabrics.

To be even softer, don’t forget the velvet. It is soft, it is warm, it goes with everything and most importantly, it is everywhere in 2018. And we love it! Every kind of velvet is fashionable: corduroy, short haired, solid colored or printed patterned and on all our decorative features: pillows, curtains, chairs… A real atmosphere creator.

Regarding materials, consider the natural ones such as raw wood for example, very popular this season. It will smarten up your furniture as well as your floor and accessories. Your home will benefit from its authentic look.

For always more nature, reconnect with it and turn your interior into a jungle. This year, there will be more and more depolluting plants to make your home greener and also to help you feel better. Plants are a real way of decorating a house and lately, plants with patterns on their leaves are really trendy. (12) In fact, this year plants have patterns and patterns on fabrics are plants.


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In the sports world, new technologies are emerging, and many hi-tech products are invented to great delight of the different sports industries. However, retro is still up to date in sportswear.

More and more connected objects are making their entrance in the sports world, for example, smart watches are the must-have for every sportsman (13). Measuring tools are getting more accurate, you can now measure your strike force while playing tennis or calculate the perfect foot inclination in ballet (14).

Sports clubs, federations, brands… Everyone launches their app, digital is trendy and consumers are getting rigorous. Brands have to put a lot of work into their user experience. This change is felt particularly in ski stations: User-friendly websites, huge screens on ski slopes, apps that are as fun as pedagogue are implemented and they’re on their way to making customers happy.

On the other hand, sportswear is even more retro in 2018. The trend is for collectors as seen with the great come back of Ralph Lauren’s Snow Beach coat first issued in 1993. (18) Fashionable sports, for their part, are also vintage. Hula hoop, trampoline and 4 wheeled roller skate are back on tracks, just like our idols from the 70’s and the 80’s. Shoe brand Veja and roller skates manufacturer Flaneurz even presented their own model of roller skates in limited edition… And we love it!


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