LVMH looking for innovating product design solutions during the 2018 edition of VivaTech

Alice de la Brunière

The French luxury leader organizes the second edition of its Innovation Award during major event Viva Technology in Paris from the 24th to the 26th of May 2018. This competition is a part of the group’s and its Maisons’ ongoing innovation strategy in collaboration with start-up companies. This year, customer experience and product design are what truly matters for the 30 pre-selected candidates. This is the reason why Mushin applied to this challenge.

LVMH and start-up, a wining alliance

Innovation, creativity and excellence are the main values of the French giant. LVMH stays one step ahead in its Maisons by always questioning the status quo and by teaming up with creative start-up companies. Partnerships between international firms and start-ups are more than a trend, they’ve become a must do in order to change luxury codes for the better. The Lab has one purpose: combine entrepreneurs’ mindset and creativity with LVMH’s influence. All of this is happening at VivaTechnology from the 24th to the 26th of May, 2018 in Paris Expo. Major Sponsor of the event, LVMH already impressed us last year with its huge stand staffed by all the pre-selected start-ups:

« Start the journey: Deliver excellence in customer experience », LVMH/VivaTech 2018 challenge

This year, the pitch contest was for start-up companies that offer the best solutions or products to improve customer experience. A win-win contest: the start-up brings its customer journey knowledge and culture into LVMH’s Maisons and gets the group’s commercial strike force in return. A partnership which creates synergy between two structures taking the best from each other.

What are the conditions to participate to the challenge?

LVMH is looking for stat-ups creating products or solutions oriented towards product design, retail and digital innovation, virtual reality in design/textile, analysis and data processing and forward-looking luxury solutions.

Mushin is the new hub for brands and suppliers

Our platform fits the brief perfectly. Since its creations, Mushin has evolved a lot to meet big brands’ global need to create better products by working together and get closer to their customers. How?

  • By collecting inspirations easily and improving the sharing of information in teams. Mushin opens inspiration and frees creativity into a shared trends lab.
  • By making sure that every trend is centralized and shared within teams. The coherence of supply is only possible if teams are coordinated.
  • By rethinking collaboration and communication between brands and suppliers. This new synergy offers the keys to success to early-adopters who want to brake status quo and take not one but two steps ahead.



Take two steps ahead with Mushin:


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