Millennials : a free and mindful generation

Alice de la Brunière

Millennials are a burning topic. We all try to understand them, convinced that they are the key to success and growth. We probably all have a part of the answer, but who could claim to have a more global and exhaustive vision of their mindset and aspirations? Not even them. They are such a heterogeneous and diverse generation that we could even question why they are labeled as one kind: “Millennials”. In this article, we are not trying to “define Millennials”, we will not pretend to know what Millennials « really want » either. We’re sharing with you Jasmine Bina’s enlightening testimony from an article published in Business of Fashion in November 2017. She is an expert in fashion and luxury brand image and the CEO of Concept Bureau.

Ongoing transformations

To begin with, Jasmine sets three principles to better understand their mindsets: individuality, freedom of expression and interconnection.
Translation: they want to be themselves, be able to express it freely and be aware of what’s going on in the world without any filter or obstruction to the truth.

In the article, the word « experience » is used significantly quick. The author doesn’t refer to the user experience, which is quite à obsession at the moment, but to the experience of life led by an entire generation. A generation trying to break all codes and get rid of the stereotypes built for them. Rebel or wild spirits?
Every social movement they lead are the proof that bigger changes are on their way, particularly in consumer habits.

A generation with different faces

Millennials are unique, but it doesn’t stop them from having deep and inspiring idols. The author refers in particular to Chiara Ferring in the word of fashion. Why? Because Chiara represents this freedom of spirit and authenticity by going from one style to another on her Instagram pictures. She explores various trendy styles from luxury to streetwear, from bohemian to emo. So much for the bland, colorless and boring wardrobes. Young people wear audacity, whenever they want, whenever they feel like it.


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Doing great things isn’t special anymore

Another interesting point that the American expert raised is that, in the millennials’ minds, it is now common for brands to make good deeds.

Translation: all the publicity made about being green and recycling don’t appeal to them anymore because recycling and taking care of the environment is a standard for this generation to conquer.

We can’t expect rounds of applause or gold medals for these actions. According to the author, “doing good deeds” means leading actions that consumers are expecting from you and above all these actions must come from a sincere intention. Forget green washing and fake campaigns.


Millennials are a challenging public

Everyone has his / her opinions and their motivations; however, we can agree on the fact that Millennials are hard to define. How to build bridges with this group of people, this generation of miscegenation and who’s actions and convictions are changing from one month to the other? To write lasting stories with some of them, you have to become a part of their community and get in their way. Broaden your imagination to explore trending topics that they could like and bring these subjects to them before they even realize that they wanted it.

Write the best stories with your brand lovers by constructing a strong and comprehensible brand image, powerful and genuine collections.

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