Who’s Next, the place to be from Jan 19th-22nd for buyers!

Alice de la Brunière

Who’s Next is one of the most important event for French and international fashion brands. Twice a year, many professionals from the textile industry meet up for the leading international fashion trade show for womenswear in Europe and discover the latest fashion trends. What does the first 2018 edition hold for you? We will present the program of these 4 days, full of productive meetings and innovations. An ideal moment for you to match new ideas with new collaborations.

Who’s Next from the 19th to the 22nd of January 2018

Exhibitors, animations, workshop, conferences, what’s on the agenda for this new edition of Who’s Next in collaboration with Première Classe?


SS18 accessory trends, how brands and retailers can survive the tech revolution, in what way Pinterest is an essential tool in helping Designers, Buyers and Stylists find inspirations, how to work with e-influencers… So many fascinating themed conferences you can attend from the 19th to the 22nd of January. Look up more scheduled conferences here.


The workshop schedule will be just as rich as varied. Who’s Next offers you the possibility to attend different workshops led by retail, fashion, e-business, marketing experts… See the workshop program here


700 French and international apparel brands exhibit their talents, expertise and collections for womenswear Buyers’ greatest pleasure. In order to give visitors better guidance through the trade shows’ offer, Who’s Next and Premiere Classe organized their trade show in different shopping ereas:

  • Beachwear/Resort
  • Ethical fashion
  • Evening wear/Cocktail/Wedding
  • Jewellery
  • Leather goods
  • Sleeved articles
  • Made in France
  • Made in Paris
  • Self-manufactured products
  • Menswear & Accessories
  • Mono-product brands
  • New talents
  • Plus size
  • Shoes
  • Craftsmanship & specialised expertise

Who’s Next, a gold mine for all buyers

Whether they are French, English, Canadians, Chinese, Japanese, Russians… Buyers agree on two essential facts: it is crucial to draw inspiration from everything that surrounds you and also to know when to take risks and innovate in order to answer consumers’ needs. Buyers are more than negotiators, they’re creative people and visionary. Who’s Next gathered several buyers’ testimonials from every horizon in the next video:


Mushin transforms your inspiration into trends

Looking for inspiration in the streets, in art, in craftmanship or with your suppliers is the role of a Buyer. The leading fashion trade show, Who’s Next / Première Classe, gathers all these sources of inspiration and gives them to you for 4 days on a silver platter. It’s no secret, you will definitely come out of the show with your camera or phone memory full of pictures you need to process when you get to the office. Once they’re organized, you’ll need to exchange them with your suppliers. Save time and share your inspirations while still at the salon. Mushin, an easy-to-use collaborative solution allows you to share trends instantly with the rest of your team and suppliers to start faster product development. Mushin helps you to turn your inspiration into fashionable products and reduce your time to market.




Find-out more about the tradeshow :

Who’s Next / Première Classe


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